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Chapman Ventilation Ltd

Chapman Ventilation Ltd

Chapman Ventilation Ltd filter management

The Challenge

As a specialist in the restaurant industry, Chapman Ventilation is concerned with extraction system maintenance to ensure complete odour, smoke and grease control. Restaurant filters can become clogged easily so Chapman Ventilation were looking for an air filter company that can provide durable and high-quality filters to last the optimum amount of time.

The Solution

The Head of Maintenance at Chapman Ventilation had worked with Concept Filter Products (CFP) at his previous company and when the time came to revaluate their suppliers, he put CFP forward to be their main supplier.

CFP provides a wide range of filtration products to Chapman Ventilation, from glass media to carbon filters, and Chapman Ventilation now use their services for 95% of their sites.

"We use CFP for the majority of our maintenance sites; the only time we don't use them is when a site has particularly unusual requirements. We currently conduct our own site surveys but it's nice to know CFP offers this service in case we ever need them in the future."

Head of Maintenance at Chapman Ventilation

CFP helps Chapman Ventilation keep track of their maintenance sites with complete stock control, frequency checks (how often the filters are ordered) and flagging when a site has not received their filters.

"We always receive a high level of service from CFP and they respond quickly to quote requests and queries. We have complete transparency of all jobs that have been quoted for, which helps us when costing for future jobs."

Head of Maintenance at Chapman Ventilation

CFP now provides filters to most of Chapman Ventilation's sites and the relationship can only improve as Chapman Ventilation are looking for further assistance, such as filter disposal and new filtration technology.

"CFP provide high quality products and services and the package they offer gives us reassurance that our sites are receiving the right filters at the right time. We're willing to pay a bit more for that peace of mind."

Head of Maintenance at Chapman Ventilation