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Spie Matthew Hall

Spie Matthew Hall

Spie Matthew Hall filter management

The Challenge

Spie Matthew Hall's Operations Manager looks after more than 50 sites, providing a range of services from initial mechanical and electrical design, through to installation, commissioning, long term maintenance and facilities management.

Their priority is to provide a competitive and responsive service package tailored to each individual client's requirements. This meant they needed to work with an air filter company they knew they could trust to provide energy efficient products when and where they needed them.

Based on the team's prior experience of a range of air filter suppliers, Spie Matthew Hall chose to work with CFP:

"The team as CFP is dependable, professional and they'll match my best price. At the end of the day I know that if I need something I can trust them to deliver. They always get the right filter, to the right site at the right time which makes our job a lot easier."

Operations Manager at Spie Matthew Hall

The Solution

CFP now supplies a range of high quality filters – as well as belts, pulleys and accessories - across all Spie Matthew Hall's sites in the UK, often at short notice.

"The team at Concept Filter Products understands my business and the pressure clients sometimes put us under. They bend over backwards and really look after us."

Operations Manager at Spie Matthew Hall

CFP communicates regularly with the team at Spie Matthew Hall, sending timely reminders about which filters at which sites need changing to ensure a smooth and seamless service at all times.

As well as ensuring high quality indoor air, working with CFP means that Spie Matthew Hall keeps costs down, energy efficiency up and their end client happy.