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Total Fitness

Total Fitness

Total Fitness filter management

The Challenge

Total Fitness wanted to overhaul its air filter maintenance programme. Their Operations Director was looking for a professional Facilities Management partner they could trust to maintain their AHUs as part of their Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) strategy, but also a partner they could look to for expert advice and guidance.

Total Fitness has nine supply and nine extraction air handling units (AHUs) in each of its centres. Each AHU is worth in the region of £60-£70k so good maintenance and upkeep of the units is essential to prevent any long-term damage, which could become very costly to the business.

The Solution

Concept Filter Products (CFP) offered to provide a software programme that would trigger reminders for each and every filter, in each and every unit, at each and every Total Fitness site. This methodical approach ticked a lot of boxes but when they went one step further and offered to do the installations themselves, Total Fitness knew they'd hit on the perfect solution.

Says the Operations Director for Total Fitness:

"CFP now does all our installations and are integral to our PPM schedule. The new arrangement has huge benefits for our business; it's taken the pressure off our busy duty managers, our filters are being changed regularly and the work is being undertaken by a professional which is important because these are large, expensive units."

CFP has now been working with Total Fitness for over 15 years. Total Fitness expects the working relationship to continue for many years to come.

"The filters that CFP provide are such good quality – they have never failed us and the fact that CFP now supplies, delivers and installs to all our sites gives me total peace of mind."

Operations Director, Total Fitness