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Spotlight on ZoŽ Murphy, Senior Account Manager.

Posted on september 09, 2015 by admin in Meet the Team

Spotlight on ZoŽ Murphy, Senior Account Manager.

Zoë has worked at CFP since its inception and today is the Senior Account Manager. We asked Zoe about her role at CFP.

What did you do prior to working at CFP?

It’s a running joke in the office that I was a waitress in a cocktail bar. Sorry if that song is now firmly implanted in your mind for the rest of the day! That was my job straight after leaving college which I did for 12 months prior to meeting Tony. That was 18 years ago now and the rest, as they say, is history.


What enticed you to work at CFP?

The company hadn’t been going long when the office job was advertised which I saw as a great opportunity to work for a young, forward thinking company with an opportunity to be involved at the start of something big. The role was office based working across all areas including sales, booking keeping, order processing and sometimes fulfilling orders. I knew this would give me the variety I crave and along with it a range of transferable skills. CFP made it clear from the start that any additional training I needed would be provided which is still true today, and it’s really helped me to grow my career as well as it benefitting the company. It was also clear that the job would be what I made it, and being a self-starter that really appealed to me.


What’s the most fulfilling thing about working at CFP?

I can’t possibly pick just one! Firstly the team, we’ve a great team of people to work with here, it’s more like family which I know lots of people say but it’s true, we all work together to get the work done and there’s never a mention of ‘that’s not my job’. We’re all pulling in the same direction too which really helps us make changes and drive the company forward. I’d take them all to Cuba next year for my wedding if I could but I don’t think the boss would allow a two week shut down during our busiest period, even though he does love his holidays.

Secondly I’m a real people person and working at CFP I get to deal with a lot of customers and help to make their jobs a little easier, I take great satisfaction from that.

And finally (only because I’ve been told to stick to three maximum!), developing our ‘super computer’ Potentia, our automated system which reminds clients when their filters are due for renewal, issues statements, invoices, lets our customers know when jobs have been dispatched and delivered, you name it, Potentia does it.


What’s a typical day for you?

That’s a tough one. Because my role is so varied, as are the requirements of our customers, no two days are the same. I generally spend time concentrating on pulling reports from Potentia to see who’s filters need replacing and then issuing reminders and quotations, working on proposals alongside the Managing Director Tony for large contracts and I also coordinate the engineers for fitting filters that are due for replacement.


What changes have you seen during your time at CFP?

The main change within CFP has to be Potentia, it’s really streamlined the way we keep our customers up to date with the management of their filters from when they need replacing down to who’s signed for the delivery on site. It means we can be more proactive from our side and our customers are kept up to date every step of the way making their job a little easier, saving them time and in the long run money.

Industry wise the focus is definitely on environmentally friendly filter options such as synthetic media instead of glass, and customers are focussing more on quality and the lifespan of a filter over cost.


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