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A focus on PROsyntex and AIRsyntex air filters

Posted on september 21, 2015 by admin in Energy Efficient Filtration

Whatever your industry, Concept Filter Products provides you with a hassle-free route to filter management, taking care of this aspect of your operation and allowing you to easily maintain a safe, compliant and comfortable working environment.

Our AIRsyntex and PROsyntex air filter ranges for air conditioning, ventilation and painting and drying technology have both achieved the EN779 - F7 - F9 2012 standard of filtration efficiency.

Also certified by the Institute for Air Hygiene, our class-leading PROsyntex range of air filters are used by some of the leading air handling unit manufacturers, facilities management companies and major brands in the UK.

Featuring tight-woven, ultra-fine fibre, PROsyntex air filters conduct three stage filtration, facilitating a high dust holding capacity and offering long-term performance efficiency.

The products’ performance efficiency means that they consume relatively low amounts of energy.  Their long service life results in a low rate of replacement, which in turn minimises the transport associated with delivery and disposal, minimising the CO2  emissions incurred.

As well as incurring a low rate of CO2 emissions, PROsyntex filters boast a second environmental sustainability credential. Oeko-Tex 100 approved, they are made from a material which can be incinerated rather than contributing to landfill.

Offering consistent performance and great value for money, Concept Filter Products’ AIRsyntex air filters are widely used in environments as diverse as retail, commercial, healthcare, education, engineering, hospitality, leisure and pharmaceutical.

Like PROsyntex products, they are made from non-shedding synthetic media, so protecting the air from the risk of fibre-shedding, and they too are Oeko-Tex 100 approved.

To find out more about how Concept Filter Products can offer you hassle free filter management, please call 0161 406 5050 or email sales@cfpdirect.co.uk.

To view the AIRsyntex and PROsyntex brochure, please click here.


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