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Marks and Spencer working with CFP

Posted on may 25, 2016 by admin in CFP News

Marks and Spencer working with CFP

The facilities management team at Marks & Spencer (M&S) work hard to provide a clean, comfortable environment for staff and customers and as a growing proportion of M&S’s business comes from food retail, the provision of high quality indoor air is especially important.

To achieve a consistent flow of high quality indoor air, M&S works with leading air filter management business Concept Filter Products – a partnership which has gone from strength to strength over more than 10 years working together.

Today, Concept Filter Products is responsible for the successful implementation of filter management plans for all 450 M&S stores across the UK and Ireland, ensuring filters are replaced at the correct intervals for optimum performance and energy efficiency.

Concept Filter Products supplies M&S with Eurovent certified filters which help contribute towards its “Plan A” environments commitment but it’s the specialist services and support they provide that makes such a difference to the M&S facilities management team.

Head of Project and Delivery for M&S says:

“Concept Filter Products supply the products and services we need to do our job as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. For example they provide reports highlighting which filters at which stores are due for replacement, contributing tremendously to the smooth, energy efficient operation of our air handling systems. They also provide our engineers and store personnel with email and text notifications when filters have been dispatched and delivered and the boxes are always clearly labelled which saves time and hassle on site.”

M&S regularly takes advantage of Concept Filter Products’ comprehensive site survey service which details the condition of air handling units, notes any remedial works required and makes useful recommendations for improved filter efficiencies in future.  Then there’s the filter conversion service which M&S   can call on when they need new filter banks installing or an existing filter housing needs refurbishing. Not to mention the supply, fit and removal service complete with necessary waste disposable certificates.

 “When it comes to achieving energy efficient indoor air quality, there isn’t anything Concept Filter Products can’t help us with. Their dynamic, proactive approach makes them one of our most valued strategic facilities management partners.” - Head of Project and Delivery for Marks & Spencer.

To find out how Concept Filter Products can help manage air filter requirements, maintenance and efficiency for your sites, call 0161 406 5050 today. 

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