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Well-deserved help for Stockport homeless charity

Posted on may 26, 2016 by admin in CFP News

Well-deserved help for Stockport homeless charity

Keen to fulfil our commitments as a socially responsible employer, we’d been looking for a way we could make a positive contribution to our local community when an old school friend put us in touch with The Wellspring in Stockport.

We did some research and discovered this was a cause worth championing.

The Wellspring does fantastic work supporting local people out of homelessness and helping them become independent. From health services to educational support and benefit advice, it provides a lifeline to some of the most desperate and disadvantaged people in Stockport and surrounding areas.

In October last year The Manchester Evening News revealed that homelessness in Stockport has risen three fold in 12 months which means that organisations like The Wellspring are under increasing pressure to keep up with the demand for their services.  An entirely charitable organisation, it is an uphill struggle to find the money to keep providing them.

The team at Concept Filter Products have been so inspired by the incredible work The Wellspring does that we’ve signed up to a regular, long-term donation plan in support of its efforts and to help secure its future.

Find out more about The Wellspring at www.thewellspring.co.uk


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