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Solutions to reduce air pollution across the globe

Posted on march 30, 2017 by admin in Air Pollution

Solutions to reduce air pollution across the globe

In the second week of March the BBC ran a series of stories, called SoICanBreathe, exploring some of the different ways the world is seeking to reduce air pollution. The season was designed to draw on ideas from around the world and look for evidence that they are effective, and report on any limitations. The season ran across national news, local TV and radio, online and social media.

There is a strong scientific consensus that air pollution poses a significant health risk and The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that more than nine out of ten people across the globe live in areas where air quality guidelines are not met. Within the UK and many other developed countries, air quality has been slowly increasing, though, according to the WHO, half of the developed world is still breathing polluted air. Concern, however, is growing everywhere as medical researchers discover that minute chemicals and particles could be far more damaging to our heart, lungs and even our brain than we previously thought.

Due to its complex nature, understanding air pollution can be challenging and it can be difficult to pinpoint a particular solution that is effective. To inform which solutions they would cover in the series, the BBC first asked their readers to suggest which solutions they would like the BBC to investigate. They received hundreds of suggestions, from transport, technology and tree planting, to avoiding oil and gas and what is the best home air purifier on the market.

The series reported from across the globe, including China, which has become a world leader in tackling air pollution with technology, Kathmandu, to find out about the new brick factories that claim to pollute far less, and Southampton, where they are looking for solutions to tackle the problem of ship pollution.

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