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Hayfever and indoor air quality

Posted on april 19, 2017 by admin in CFP News

Hayfever and indoor air quality

With tree pollen already on the rise and grass pollen close behind, Britain’s 16 million hayfever sufferers will soon be reaching for their tissues. And it’s not just outdoor air that affects them; the quality of indoor air can have a real impact too. In fact, anyone with allergies and especially those with respiratory conditions such as allergic asthma, can be severely impacted by the quality of indoor air both in their homes and in the workplace.

Outdoors, allergy sufferers are at the mercy of a cocktail of pollen and pollutants but once inside they risk exposure to a number of nasty indoor pollutants which can further exacerbate their symptoms. These pollutants include anything from secondary cigarette smoke to dust mites, building materials to cleaning products - many of which contain ‘volatile organic compounds’ (VOCs) which can irritate the lungs.

Poor ventilation coupled with increased humidity (common in washrooms and food preparation areas) can also increase the prevalence of indoor allergens like mould spores and fungal particles. These allergens can be responsible for several different allergic conditions, such as perennial allergic rhinitis (all year long hay fever) and asthma which can have serious health implications.

Ways to improve indoor air quality in your workplace

  • Maintain a strict no smoking policy which extends to a safe perimeter outside the building.
  • Keep all areas clean and tidy to reduce the potential for pollutants and allergens to gather.
  • Clean up any mould and deal with spills or excess water immediately.
  • Carpeted areas are a haven for dust mites - consider replacing them with hard floors. 
  • Store chemical products in accordance with manufacturers’ instructions.
  • Take care not to block air vents or grilles.
  • Ensure mechanical air conditioning systems and filters are well maintained and cleaned regularly to improve both their effectiveness and efficiency

CFP offers a range of professional ventilation system services including pre-planned maintenance programme development, bacteriological sampling and analysis and full system cleaning.

Contact our friendly team on 0161 406 5050 to discover how we could help improve the quality of indoor air in your workplace.

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