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#IAQMatters – Choose Eurovent

Posted on may 17, 2017 by admin in CFP News

At CFP we’ve been watching the media interest recently around #IAQmatters. #IAQmatters is a joint initiative of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) manufacturers across Europe and the Middle East providing innovative solutions to ensure a healthy indoor climate.

Maintaining indoor air quality through professional air filter management is what we do, so it’s high on our agenda and we’re delighted with the attention the problem has been getting across the world.  

The affects of outdoor air pollution on our health is well documented and discussed but indoor air pollution has previously had little debate, so #IAQmatters brings the problem right to the fore.  Poor indoor air quality is just as harmful to health and affects work performance and reduces comfort of employees.

CFP has many case studies demonstrating how investments in good indoor air quality in a building has increased productivity levels, reduced health problems and overall provided a better, more comfortable environment for the inhabitants.

If #IAQmatters to you too, you need a professional filter management partner who will ensure that your building stays compliant and the safety, health and well-being of its habitants are well looked after.

CFP offer a range of good quality, Eurovent-approved filters which have been tested by a third party and given a performance rating according to European and international standards. This testing gives you the confidence that all our equipment will operate in accordance with its design specifications and will comply with the EN779:2012 standard. You can find out more about our Eurovent approved products here.

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