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Have you got a question? Ask CFP!

Posted on july 20, 2017 by admin in CFP News

Have you got a question? Ask CFP!

Here at CFP we’re always looking for new ways to improve our service offering for you, our customers. This is why we’ve introduced ‘Ask CFP’ – simply email us your query and we’ll feature it on our website and on our monthly email newsletter. Our first question comes from D. Robinson in Bristol. He asks:

“Being responsible for a retail environment, it’s important that the air inside is clean and free from odours. I’m not 100% sure what type of filter would be best suited as there are many different options; what would CFP recommend?”

Tony Worthington, Managing Director at CFP says: “A big part of the customer experience is the quality of the indoor air and poor indoor air quality (IAQ) and ventilation can have a damaging effect on not just your customer’s experience, but the wellbeing of onsite staff.

Having worked with retailers such as M&S, Debenhams, Primark and Costco, we’ve learned that each environment has incredibly different needs and so it’s difficult to recommend a particular product without first visiting the premises and identifying what the best approach would be.

That said, our Carbon Fresh Pleats are specifically designed to remove odours and gaseous pollutants to greatly improve IAQ. Because they have a 98% filter surface area and uniformed pleat configuration, they can also deliver high dust holding capacity for optimum filtration. This can make them particularly ideal for retail environments located in busy urban areas where there are more pollutants in the air.

Our range of Activated Carbon Compact F7 filters are also highly effective at removing problematic gases and odours too, and can easily be installed without expensive modifications to existing filter housings.

Why not take a look at our retail offering and if you would like to partner with CFP for a cost-effective approach to filter management, simply call 0161 406 5050

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