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Quick guide to G4 Pleated Panel Filters

Posted on october 17, 2017 by admin in Filter Products News

Quick guide to G4 Pleated Panel Filters

The main purpose of G4 Pleated Panel filters is to act as a pre-filter. As part of our commitment to great customer service, we’ve developed this handy guide to G4 Pleated Panel Filters for our customers who are considering options for a pre-filter for their air conditioning applications.

How do G4 Pleated Panel Filters work?

Pleated Panel Filters contain concertinaed synthetic media meaning they can hold a far greater volume of filtering material. This creates a larger media surface area, which in turn provides a longer service life & higher dust holding capacity, and strengthens the entire filter, improving stability.

What are G4 Pleated Panel Filters used for?

G4 Pleated Panel Filters are suitable for ventilation and air conditioning systems which require a higher efficiency and greater dust holding capacity. These filters can be used where glass panels are undesirable, such as in the food industry and hospitals. They are typically used as pre-filters to bag filters or to protect heating or cooling coils from dust build-up and protect fans in extract systems

What are they made from?

G4 Pleated Panel Filters are usually made from a non-shedding polyester material and are available in either card or plastic frames or, in areas with a high moisture content, metal frames.

What does G4 mean when we’re talking about Pleated Panel Filters?

Under the EN 779:2012 classification ‘G’ refers to the filter class, in this case filters for coarse dust particles, and the 4 relates to the level of arrestance with 4 being the highest. Arrestance refers to how well the air filter removes larger particles, such as dirt, hair and dust.

Benefits of G4 filters

  • Extended service life
  • High performance
  • Energy saving
  • Innovative design
  • Customisable - dimensions and frame construction to suit application

G4 AirPleat Panel Filter

G4 AirPleat Panel Filters are all tested to EN 779:2012 and deliver consistent performance as a pre-filter for air conditioning applications, including hotels, offices, hospitals, food environments and asbestos removal.

Key benefits:

  • Performance: the frame design allows 98% of the filter face to be used, increasing dust holding capacity and service life.
  • Construction: available on moisture resistant card, metal or plastic frames dependent on the specific applications or atmospheric conditions.
  • Energy-efficient: the large dust holding capacity increases efficiency reducing energy consumption, CO2 emissions and running costs. 

G4 ProPleat Panel Filter

G4 ProPleat Panel Filters are similar to the G4 AirPleat Panel Filters in that they are all tested to EN 779:2012 and provide consistent performance as a pre-filter for hotels, offices, hospitals and food environments. They also offer 50% more pleats, delivering improved dust holding capacity and extended service life.

Key benefits:

  • Extended service life: the increased surface area enables even greater dust holding capacity, reducing filter changes and waste to landfill.
  • Performance: 50% more pleats means the filter is even more rigid and robust, enabling them to operate at far higher air volumes without bowing or buckling while greatly reducing the initial pressure loss.
  • Energy saving: the large dust holding capacity and lower pressure drop  over the life of the filter increases efficiency, reducing the direct energy required and thereby reducing CO2 emissions and running costs.

To find out more about G4 Pleated Panel Filters and improving the quality of indoor air, call the friendly team at CFP on 0161 406 5050. 

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