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Quick Guide to V Line Filters

Posted on march 02, 2018 by admin in Free Help and Guides

Quick Guide to V Line Filters

V Line Filters are highly durable filters, used to remove unwanted dust particles from the air. Here at CFP we’re committed to helping our customers improve their Indoor Air Quality through our Professional Filter Management. That’s why we’ve created this handy guide to V Line Filters.

What are V Line Filters used for?

Used to improve quality of indoor air, V Line Filters are ideal for use in environments that require high quality indoor air, such as hospitals, laboratories and computing centres. They are also highly effective at removing dust particles in the air in industries with challenging operating conditions such as paint-spraying lines in the automotive industry, pharmaceutical industry and food industry.  

V Line Filters also act as a pre-filtration system for HEPA filters.

What are the made from?

V Line Filter frames are made from either plastic or metal, depending on customer preference and suitability of the air filter system, with special material to create the ‘V’ shaped pockets.

What does it mean?

The ‘V’ of the V Line Filter refers to the shape of the pockets. Open at one end, the pockets narrow towards the back of the filter, leading to better air flow. The design of the V Line Filter offers strong self-rigidity and optimal embedding of dust in the pockets.

Benefits of V Line Filters

  • High dust holding capacity - As a result of the endless pockets and wedge welding, the high density level and increased pressure load of the V Line Filter increase dust holding capacity.
  • Environmentally friendly - All our V Line filters are environmentally friendly and easy to dispose of.  
  • Free from harmful substances - Tested to Oeko-Tex Standard 100, they are also free from any harmful substances and skin irritants, which make the V Line Filter the perfect solution for medical and pharmaceutical environments.
  • Tested and approved to high standards - Tested according to EN779:2012 and meeting DIN 53438 (F1) fire prevention standards, you can be confident that CFP’s V Line Filters meet industry standards for the safety of your air filter systems.

CFP’s V Line Filters

Our V Line Filters are highly durable and offer increased dust holding capacity.

Available from G3-F9, the V30, V40, V55 and V65 V Line Filters are specifically suitable for air-circulation through the reinforcing grid fitted on the clean air side. All our V Line Filters range from 4 - 8 pockets, depending on size and filter system requirements. A silicone free hygiene gasket can also be added on the V Line Filter frame. 

To find out more about V Line Filters and improving the quality of indoor air, get in touch with our friendly team at CFP on 0161 406 5050.

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