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Quick Guide to G4 Panel Filters

Posted on april 26, 2018 by admin in Free Help and Guides

Quick Guide to G4 Panel Filters

Whether you work in retail, hospitality, business or medicine, here at CFP, we’re committed to helping you create a clean and pleasant environment with high quality air. All our filters are designed to improve Indoor Air Quality by creating high quality air, free from dust and bacteria. There are so many filtration solutions to choose from so we’ve created this quick guide to G4 panel filters to offer an insight into how these work.

So, how do panel filters work?

G4 panel filters are used to remove large unwanted dust particles from the air and are available in the PROpleat and AIRpleat range.

With 50% more pleats than a standard panel, and 98% open face area, pleated panel filters offer an extended filter area which leads to a greater dust holding capacity. The uniformed pleat design is perfect for maximum performance.

What are panel filters used for?

Ideal for commercial use, our G4 panel filters act as a pre-filtration across hotels, offices, hospitals and food environments. G4 panel filters are also suitable for asbestos removal. Acting as the first stage of filtration, G4 panel filters protect ventilation and air conditioning systems from dust build up which can lead to inefficiency.

What are they made from?

G4 panel filters are available with either card or metal frames, in a variety of depths from 22mm - 96mm. Metal frames are recommended for any environments with high moisture content and high air volumes to avoid sagging card frames and unwanted air bypass. With vertical pleats, the cotton and synthetic medium of the G4 panel filters allows for the maximum dust holding capacity with minimal shedding.

Here at CFP, we stock G4 panel filters in a range of sizes but bespoke sizes are available upon request.

What does G4 mean when we’re talking about panel filters?

The G4 element of G4 panel filters refers to the filter class and the size of the particles the filter can hold.

Benefits of G4 Panel Filters

  • High Quality Performance - The design of the G4 panel filter allows 98% of the face to be used, increasing dust holding capacity.
  • Energy Saving - With their large dust holding capacity and lower pressure drop, our G4 panel filters are highly efficient over the life of the filter. This reduces the amount of direct energy needed and in turn reducing running costs and CO₂ emissions.
  • Cost Efficient - The high performance of the G4 panel filter, combined with 50% more pleats than standard offers extended service life and lower maintenance or replacement costs.
  • Approved - Tested according to EN 779:2012, you can be confident that our G4 panel filters meet industry standards.

Take a look here to see our full range of panel filters. If you’d like to know more about how CFP can help with your air filter systems, get in touch with our expert and friendly team on 0161 406 5050

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