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Quick guide to HEPA Filters

Posted on july 23, 2020 by admin in Free Help and Guides

Quick guide to HEPA Filters

Here at CFP we believe in the importance of improving the quality of indoor air, that’s why our team have created this handy guide to HEPA Filters to help explain a bit more about how these high efficiency filters work.

What does HEPA mean?

‘HEPA’ stands for High - Efficiency Particulate Air Filters, which is a pretty concise explanation of what this filter does. Essentially, HEPA Filters help to create high efficiency clean air.

How do HEPA Filters work?

HEPA Filters work by forcing air through a fine mesh of micro glass fibres. This removes any pollutants and allergens from the air to create extremely clean indoor air free from dust and dirt. Suitable for environments that require highly controlled clean air, they remove 99.97% of particles down to a sub-micron level of 0.3 microns.  

What are HEPA Filters used for?

HEPA Filters create high quality, clean indoor air, which makes them ideal for environments that require high efficiency filtration such as research, medicine and pharmaceutical industries as well as electrotechnology and microtechnology environments.

Both standard and high capacity HEPA Filters can help create exceptionally clean indoor air.

What are they made from?

HEPA Filters have frames made from either MDF, aluminium or galvanised steel, with a micro glass fibre mesh, hot melt separate and continuous polyurethane gasket. Ranging from E10 - H14, HFN E10 - U15 and HFH E10 - H14, our HEPA Filters have an operating temperature of 80°C and a final pressure drop of 600 Pa.

Key Benefits

  • Superior air quality - By forcing air through their fine micro glass fibre mesh, HEPA Filters effectively remove pollutants from the air resulting in outstanding air quality.
  • Efficiency Tested - Rigorously tested according to EN 1822 certification standards, you can be confident that all our HEPA Filters meet the highest industry standards.
  • Versatile - Available in a range of standard and high capacity filters, our HEPA Filters are designed to suit all industrial and commercial requirements.

Take a look at our full range of HEPA Filters here. To find out more about out HEPA Filters and how they can help improve your Indoor Air Quality, get in touch with our expert and friendly team on 0161 406 5050.

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