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COVID-19 and your filters

Posted on june 17, 2021 by admin in CFP News

Organised by sustainability charity, Global Action Plan, CFP is an ongoing supporter of Clean Air Day’s annual campaign to highlight the harmful effects of air pollution on our healthand environment. According to National Geographic, “almost2.5 million people die worldwide each year from the effects of outdoor or indoor air pollution” and the detrimental long- and short-term health hazards associated with pollutants are well-documented, from respiratory infections and heart disease to lung cancer and Alzheimer’s. Not only a public health crisis, air pollutants continue to rage their war on climate change and our natural world, with uncheckered and unacceptable levels of greenhouse gases, industrial chemicals and vehicle trafficstill the main culprits. 

Safeguarding children from air pollution

Now in its fifth year, the Clean Air Day 2021’s theme is to“protect our children’s health from air pollution” as well asraise awareness on poor air quality and ways to combat it.

According to the British Lung Foundation (BLF), poor indoor air quality has been linked to lung diseases like asthma, COPD, cancer and more recently, the spread of Covid. The implications for children’s health can be much worse. In the case of Ella Kissi-Debrah, a coroner made legal history ruling that air pollution and failure to reduce pollution levels to legal limits was a factor in the death of the nine-year-old with severe asthma.

Therefore, this year’s Clean Air Day theme – to improve the quality of indoor air our children breathe – is more important than ever before. As the BLF notes: “Children are particularly vulnerable to poor indoor air quality as their lungs are still developing [and] their airways are smaller… Pollution can also interact with allergens to cause asthma in children.”

CFP is wholeheartedly committed to the 2021 Clean Air Day initiative, offering valuable advice and access to its premium air-filtration products as well as meaningful solutions for clients wanting to measurably reduce air pollution now and for the future. 

Promising the purest and specialist air solutions

As renowned air-filter specialists, CFP has championed excellent Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) for 25 years, helping businesses provide clean, high-quality indoor air solutionsacross a variety of sites and to its valued client base nationwide. They also remain committed to reducing their impact on the environment, ensuring all reusable materials are recycled or turned into renewable energy sources. 

CFP offer clients the widest range of eco-friendly filters, expertly engineered, supplied, serviced and fitted to effectively remove polluted particles from the air. Their solutions deliver optimum levels of filtration and the highest possible indoor air quality to every business. Clients can expect exceptional state-of-the-art filtration performance with unique filters that remove polluted particles from ePM10 through to ePM1 particles. Their products undergo rigorous testing in accordance with ISO 16890 standards. With years of experience, CFP also work closely with clients to monitor and maintain air filters with an expert team on-hand on an ongoing basis and access to high-tech tools. CFP’s benefits include:

• A full range of ISO 16890-accredited products.

• Health and safety guarantee with ISO 9001 and 14001 certification.

• Comprehensive Site surveys and report creation. 

• Bespoke advice, recommendations and solutions.

• Bacteriological sampling and analysis.

• Complete supply, fit and removal service.

• Real-time filter portal and online hub to manage filters across multiple sites.

• Ongoing expert support.

Focusing on air filtration

If you would like to learn more about the common causes of poor indoor air quality, our Essential Guide to Energy Efficient Air Filter Management is available for free online.To discuss in detail how CFP can partner with you to achieve excellent IAQ and cleaner air for your company, please contact our friendly team on 0161 406 5050 or visit www.cfpdirect.co.uk. For more details on Clean Air Day2021, visit www.cleanairday.org.uk (#CleanAirDay on social media).


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